Tips on how to use and maintain granite countertops

Granite is a stone product and can not come into contact with all types of cleaning products. Here you will read information on how to beat to clean granite countertops.  What are granite countertops?  Granite countertops are very strong and durable. In fact, granite is one of the strongest stones used for countertops. They are popular because they have fantastic qualities, among which they do not stick. However, unlike other types of countertops, granite should be sealed and polished over time. Depending on your granite grade, it can be as common as replanting counters once a year. The higher the grade, the less you need to polish it again. A good granite counter cleaning includes the use of a sealant or rinses agent approximately once a year. Almost all granite countertops are pre-sealed once installed. However, clarify with the manufacturer of your counter to make sure yours is sealed.  Tips on how to use and maintain granite countertops. 

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Here are some tips on how to use and maintain granite countertops. 

How to clean your counters 

The safest and safest way to clean them is to use soap and water. Simply use diluted dish soap and wipe with a soft towel, paper towel or cloth. The types of cleaners that should be avoided are those that are based on acids. Cleaning products with high acidity can scratch countertops and damage them. This type of damage is called engraving. The engraving looks like blurry spots or rings.  Clean spills immediately  Avoid spilling acid substances in these counters, as they can burn granite. Although substances such as wine, tomato sauce, alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, soft drinks and coffee cannot burn the granite as they do with marble, if they do not, they can stain the cover. not used. In addition, cooking oils can also stain the surface if they are not cleaned immediately.  Use a soft cloth or sponge for cleaning  During the regular cleaning and cleaning of spilled liquids, it is advisable to use paper towels, a soft cloth or a sponge. You can use wet rags to remove sticky residue from the surface. Use dish soap and warm water to clean Chinese granite, but remember that repeated and excessive use of soap can stain the surface. Do not use steel wool or other cleaning products to clean the granite.  Do not add weight on the edges  Avoid exerting excessive pressure on the edges of the countertop. Weight gain and pressure can damage the edges. You should avoid inappropriate activities, such as climbing over the counter to reach a shelf or cleaning something and holding it to keep it in balance. This can decrease the attractiveness of the meter.  Use thermal pads  Unlike other surfaces, granite is a very hard stone and can withstand tons of abuse and heat without damage. But the granite is made of thin strands of smooth granite whose surface is not wide enough to absorb the intense heat of the hot pots and pans, which causes splinters and scratches on the shiny surface. Although scratches do not form easily, you can use hot pads safely.  Do not use strong cleaning products.  Common household cleaners, such as bleach, window cleaners, and kitchen degreasers, contain aggressive chemicals such as acids and bases. These aggressive cleaning products can degrade the sealant, making the surface of the granite susceptible to the soil. Therefore, avoid the bathroom, tile, bathroom or grouts cleaners. Also, do not use ammonia, orange, lime or vinegar as cleaners. If you live in Melbourne Fl we could recommend a granite countertops store